Welcome, let’s talk.

My latest newsletter is here. Previous newsletters are archived here. You may also sign up to get the messages directly through the archive link.  There is much to say, and I use my weekly newsletter to keep folks updated. The website is a portal to that newsletter, since I am finding that I don’t have time to update both. Thanks for caring about Encinitas. I’m working to listen to you. I hope you are open to listening to what I have to say as well.

Welcome to my unofficial website. I ran for City Council on a platform of working hard, telling the truth, and playing by the rules. I am working hard to support a nonpartisan Council following principles of good governance and serving the needs of the people.

I prepared a short overview of how to communicate with the Council. I encourage you to share your ideas with all five Council members if you are advocating for action to be taken, or want to bring our attention to important information.

I have office hours from 3-5 on Mondays, but I’m happy to make other arrangements if that time doesn’t suit you. I am most easily accessible by email (Lshaffer@encinitasca.gov).  You can also call my City Hall phone at 760-633-2622. Note that email and other correspondence maybe considered a public record and subject to disclosure.  For non-Council matters, please send email to Lisain2013@gmail.com.